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16th Annual Art-Life Review, 2019

Dec. 31, 2019 (but really Jan 2, 2020). Real life got in the way of my annual day of reflection on New Year's Eve, but I can't lean into 2020 without thinking about what revved up my curiosity in 2019.

Visual arts

Printed Fabric Challenge: to learn "surface pattern design" as a way to exercise multiple skills and to produce my own line of printed fabric. I was all in, entering weekly Spoonflower challenges and taking courses at the Textile Design Lab, through April. (Results on Spoonflower and at Adobe Portfolio.) Learned: ¶ Designing fashion fabrics inspired by the fine arts engaged me more than home decor. ¶ I definitely have my own voice, but it is not mainstream. But when has lack of popularity ever gotten me down? ¶ The activity I loved the most was dressing my "paper doll" mockups in my new patterns. ¶ My technical skills are excellent. ¶ Keeping a sketchbook is a must. The best stuff came from my archive of drawings and doodles.

Art Fabric Challenge: to get more control over the color of dyes, more control over specific motifs, and more depth to the overall result. During the second half of the year, I was all about mixing procion dyes, my indigo pot, experiments with resists and decolorants, oil paint sticks, fabric paint, and carving rubber stamps. Learned: ¶ Finally got the hang of carving designs that work with fabric and used them with both paints (as stamps) and oil sticks (as rubbing plates). ¶ Achieved some mastery with soy wax batik and that's now my favorite resist. Still figuring out decolorants. ¶ Mixing dye colors is hard. Indigo is still the most fun. ¶ My favorite motifs involve little human characters. ¶ I achieved the most depth so far by working with oil sticks on previously hand-dyed fabric.

Sewing Challenge: to make some garments for myself. Well, I managed to shorten the hem of an old pair of corduroy slacks... Finally, in December, I sat down at the machine for re-learning and small non-garment projects. Learned: ¶ I enjoyed resurrecting old skills, problem-solving, and making a few useful things. (Results)

Dollmaking Challenge: to continue exploring this complex art form. But I continued to get sidetracked. Cleaning out Jim's sock drawer did inspire me to make a sockdoll for my grand-niece and I was very pleased with the result--a challenge to stay simple!


Marketing Challenge: to market my books. Tried to set up a regular system of discounts on Amazon and get a little book presence on Instagram. Learned: ¶ I continue to be terrible at this.

"Just Write" Challenge: to reinvigorate my personal essay writing. Longing for the golden age of Mad in Pursuit entries (which became the basis for radio productions and two books), I started Wine Poured. I hoped short, punchy entries, easy to post, might exercise my writing muscles and get my Facebook friends to click in. Learned: ¶ "Technically simple" just means I get totally frustrated with the lack of control over the layout and keep changing the Wordpress theme. My hope was that the mini-essays would be more searchable and have more flow, but... ugh. ¶ I certainly didn't write more. And half of what I posted amounts to lake photos with a paragraph "caption." Easier to slap a photo up on Facebook. ¶ I didn't work very hard on gaining a following beyond a few faithfuls.

Essay-Writing Challenge: to parlay "just write" drafts into better researched and more entertaining reads on a platform with a bigger audience. During May-June, I polished up some work for Medium. Got sparkles of interest and hints that this approach might work. Learned: ¶ I dropped the ball. Summer came. Writing is harder than gardening and indigo dyeing.

Collections and archiving

Culling Challenge: to find good homes for collectibles that no longer "spark joy." Accomplished: ¶ Thanks to meeting up with a local dealer and finding a good auction house, several more boxes of stuff went out the door.

Family History Challenge: More cousins and Ballaghduff descendants found my Dunne family Facebook group and more cousins contributed photos and information. My archives were all over the place and getting outdated. I created the Old Green River family history blog to allow for easier and faster postings. Learned: ¶ Putting together timelines (esp. with photos, documents, and news clippings) is one of my favorite family history activities. ¶ Not sure the Wordpress platform for Old Green River is accomplishing what I want. (Same issues as with Wine Poured, above.) ¶ Figured out how to use Family Tree Maker software to better advantage in maintaining an archive. ¶ Still searching for best way to corral information without losing my mind.


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