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silk dyed with avocado pits

Learning: Dyeing Hand Towels

Mar 1, 2016. The snow for ice-dyeing is gone for the moment, but I needed an antidote to shuffling tax papers. You rarely see terry cloth towels in any but solid colors, but I've been intrigued about whether they'd make good subjects. I decided to start small -- with two towels -- and use a standard technique I learned from Jane Dunnewold in her Craftsy course "The Art of Cloth Dyeing."



I encourage you to take the Craftsy course, if you're interested. I'm just touching on the basics here. I'm using a "layered" color method here. Just using one color is easier for a beginner.


dyed towels

I'm not wild about the colors. The Sun Yellow produced too much green for my taste. But the towel on the left shows that using some shibori (tying, as in tie-dye) patterns might be interesting. The one on the right is... meh.

The learning continues...


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