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silk dyed with avocado pits

Earth Cloth: Avocado Pits

Feb. 29, 2016.

avocado pits wrapped in silkExperiment #1 (using Sasha Duerr recommendations)



It took a long while for a pleasing russet color to start developing in the water, but the cloth was pale. Decided to let it "ripen" in a mason jar. I inquired about mordants in the Printing Botanicals group on Facebook. The consensus seemed to be alum. I added about a teaspoon to my mason jar, but it might have been too little too late, since it didn't have a noticeable effect. The cloth stayed in the jar for a couple days before I got impatient.


The results were a peachy pink -- what might be called "nude" in a line of underwear.. Nice, but not the expected "russet." The photo above shows them, rinsed (after 5 days) and ironed. A sweet shibori effect was produced by the rubberband-secured pits.

Experiment #2



I had some red onion skins to sprinkle on, too, but I forgot them.


If you are into subtlety, this is for you. The red cabbage did it's thing with soft blues and violets. The avocado contributed mauve at best. The oval slices themselves seemed to add a resist rather than a color. The avocado skins left unattractive dotted areas (not visible on the reverse, which is the image below, shown in its best light).

pima cotton bundle-dyed with red cabbage and avocado pits

I will let the fabric "cure" for a while before I wash it and take note of any changes. Maybe I will treat it to the onion bath then to darken it. (Mar. 1, 2016 addendum: I dipped half my cloth in a red onion skin broth... lost much of the subtle coloration. Turned everything beige. Blah. We learn...)

Meanwhile, I think I've gotten avocados out of my system.


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