Mad In Pursuit Notebook


Red Project #1

Wed, 1.7.2015. [more or less cont'd from 11.1.2014] I've been slowly accumulating some interesting stitched panels done in a red/orange/purple palette. I thought I might make a quilt, but decided I'd get more fun out of it if I made a large square shawl -- the kind you fold into a triangle, looking all Victorian-romantic.

I committed myself to this idea by cutting a large square of gauzy cotton "harem" cloth and basting guidelines across the diagonals. (See photo below.)

beginning to make a shawl

Now, to collage on my panels onto the harem cloth. The challenge will be keeping the whole thing light enough. Would love a warm shawl, but don't want to haul around a bedspread.

I dug out a couple of stray embroideries I did on our summer roadtrip to STL. Am working these into new panels. See photos at top and below.

Can't wait to see how this experiment progresses. (Continued here>>>)