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25 Oct 2012 -- It's not like I have droves of fans visiting my website. Maybe I have three faithful readers and the stray lurker who takes a peek now and then to find out what I've been up to. The biggest user of Mad In Pursuit is yours truly. After having a website for 13 years, it's a treasure trove of me, myself and I -- a landscape of passions and perils, tribes and breakaway beads. This means, of course, that my biggest fan is me.

And this fan wants my precious thoughts accessible at all times. So, I'm starting to convert my pages to the new "responsive" style, which caters to mobile users.

Mobile is the future. Lean, mean, read it on the run.

I'm using Dreamweaver's flexible grid format. If you open an upgraded "responsive" page (like this one) full screen on your computer, then slowly narrow the window, you'll see how the content shifts from a screen that is 1000 pixels wide to one that's only 480 wide or less. This should mean the page will look good on a smart phone.

Revised so far into the flexible grid format:

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tuts+ videos on Dreamweaver CS6 Fluid Grids (3 parts)

Creating a Responsive Web Design ( paid membership required)