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Teasing Out The Image: Fun With Photoshop


My cousin Bill brought a sketch to the family picnic. His dad (my Uncle Bill) had the job of guarding German prisoners of war at the end of WWII. One of them was a sketch artist and volunteered to draw a picture of Uncle Bill's young wife from a photo he carried in his wallet. The decades were not kind to the precious old sketch -- but my Aunt Terese looks SO beautiful. Bill may have many other talented family members at his disposal, but I couldn't resist taking a snapshot and playing with it myself.

Retouching family photos is tricky business. You want to bring a damaged image back to life, but one false move around the eyes, nose or mouth can turn it just plain wrong. So I tried to be gentle. It is what it is -- a crumpled sketch that nonetheless survived more than 6 decades. Like our faces, the story is in the wrinkles. I just tried to repair the worst facial damage and let the rest be. I think she looks like a classic 1940s cover girl.

Cousins: Click on the image above or on this link to get a full-size PDF that can be printed out. You can also click on and save the JPG below:

Terese Tevlin



Sept 16, 2012