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Where Have I Been? What Have I Done? What Next?

Aug 12-Aug 18, 2012. It was nose to the grindstone this week as we cranked through another round of inventory. We had taken a bunch of stuff from the living room shelves, photographed it and had spread it all over the floor -- kind of standing in line, waiting to get entered into my spreadsheet. Then an old friend called to say he wanted to come by on Wed -- so we had to get cracking. We went out last night with Deb and Carla, and Carla said we had been inventorying for as long as she's known us (3 years). I guess that's true. It's endless.

myanmar burma post-Pagan 16th centuryEngaging and Sharing (Creative and Curatorial Products)

Creative: storytelling. Did a tiny bit of "research" by exploring what kind of community Myra finds herself in when she moves to Rocktropolis. Priming the novel-writing pump by reading a novel -- "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez, a techno-thriller about computers gone berserk.

Cataloging. Sometimes the work is excruciatingly slow and tedious. Sometimes there are mysteries to solve -- I like the part where we can hone in on what something really is. For example, a slow process of elimination led me to conclude that the bronze statuette on the right corresponded to a receipt that said "Burma post-Pagan [era], 16th c." -- a good one, an antiques store purchase as opposed to a Chieng Mai [Thailand] Night Market knick-knack.

Exploration and Capacity-Building


Infrastructure and workflow

My inventorying workflow improved vastly this week, since we had to finally get down to business and GET SOMETHING DONE.

Deep Energizing

Enjoying the beautiful summer days, doing purposeful puttering around the house, hanging out with my darling -- the pace is slow, but my soul is nourished.


Aug 19, 2012