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Where Have I Been? What Have I Done? What Next?


yalalag crossJul. 14-21, 2012. It was a busy week, in which I did a little of everything.

Engaging and Sharing (Creative and Curatorial Products)

Creative: storytelling. Poking away at notes on "Rocktropolis." I seem to be content to let it compost in the dark corners of my mind, instead of tossing it into the crockpot to make quick work of it (which had been my original intention).

Cataloging. I got back to bead collection cataloging by way of wanting to play with photography. Turned a couple of the nicer photos into blogs for my general readership (see Mexican Yalalag cross and Ecuador Folk Art necklace). I also spent many hours trying to get a good photo of an art deco sculpture.

Exploration and Capacity-Building

I don't think I did any significant learning this week. (Well, that can't be true.)

Infrastructure and workflow

  • Nexus-7 7-inch tablet arrived: my new little friend. Not sure where it will lead me.
  • New TV arrived yesterday. Fun to have such a big clear screen. And our rearranged living room looks more spacious. It also gave us the chance to put some art away and feature something different. I like keeping our collections in "circulation."

Jim in our evolving TV nook

Deep Energizing

Walking but not putting a lot of energy into it. Not sure about the energizing aspect, but I did polish the wooden floor in our entry hall -- hands and knees.


"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., 1965 (Audible)

Jul 21, 2012