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Week in Review

From serious partying, back down to business...


[PHOTO, L-R: Heidi, Paul, Eric intent on showing his iPad to Anny, Lu, Jim, Roger. Hat fun at the cupcake place.]

The week started with Jim's 80th birthday celebration, an extravaganza of eating and intense conversation, starting Thursday (when Anny arrived from NYC). Friday brought us the "kids" Heidi and Paul, Roger and Lu, and Eric: Lebanese lunch (Sinbad's), Eastman House, Ethiopian dinner (Natural Oasis, followed by cupcake store). Saturday continued with Chilean lunch (Public Market take-out), yakkety-yak at our place, and American "fusion" dinner (Owl House). Sunday morning was a long goodbye to the Zimmer "kids" followed by dinner at Next Door Bar and Grill with Anny. Will we ever stop stuffing ourselves? No! Monday was Anny's Wegman's pilgrimage and we decided to make a veggie feast for dinner -- theoretically "lite" but we shoveled it in. Tuesday, before Anny's flight home, we feasted on Japanese art.

Ahhhhhhhhh... now I'm recalibrating my food intake, writing everything down, measuring my portions -- reminding myself to eat mindfully, hoping to shed a couple pounds so my clothes will be comfortable in Ireland.

Ireland, yes. Next big event.

I am pulling together all the scraps of info I have on the Dunne family, so I can ask intelligent questions when we are there and not get too confused when studying gravestones. I've been working with a woman I met through -- Eileen Connelly, who grew up in Dogtown (St. Louis), where her family owned a bar. We are related but we can't find the "missing link." (See entry on Thomas Dunne.) The Ward, Dunne, and Martin families intersect in several places -- the Irish apparently tend to marry distant cousins. And of course, naming conventions (1st son after paternal g'father; 2nd son after maternal g'father, etc) means everyone winds up a Bridget or Michael or John.

We're also getting our accomodations lined up, a balance of family and B&Bs. Sinead D. has been helping me with getting a room in Mountbellew, near the old family haunts -- the area is so obscure that there are no international listings. The car is rented. The international phone/text/data plan arranged with AT&T. Now... packing lists...

Tribe of the Breakaway Beads. Dave T. (who writes poetry) recommended me for a reading at Books, Etc. in Macedon NY and (to avoid thinking of myself as a lazybones) I followed up. Long story short, Dave and I will be doing an "interactive" reading together on Sunday, June 3. Cool.

Discovered. The media release I put together for the re-dedication of Barrett Brothers Park is being circulated on So I guess my word have endured better than the hoped-for community garden there.


Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer (audio)

Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland (kindle)

Apr. 21, 2012