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Week In Review

African bead and my hand

Stewardship. Still at my inventory of necklaces and beads: photography, labeling, inventory list. I mock Jim for his collections. Now I'm shaking my head at all I accumulated during my wild 1990s. This is going very slowly, in part because I'm like a little girl playing in her treasure chest.

Exploration. This should be marked as the week when I really Discovered the art and craft of taking pictures with my cell phone ("iphoneography") -- ah, the same week Kodak declares bankrupcy. Out of the ashes of George Eastman...

This has me reading "iPhone Obsessed: Photo editing experiments with Apps" by Dan Marcolina (Kindle).

More Reading - More Stewardship. "Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age" by Clay Shirky (audio edition). So far this book is arguing that (if only we'd turn off the TV), we can change the world right from our desktops and mobile devices. Just think of all the hours people have devoted to writing Wikipedia entries and movie/book/product reviews that we now rely on to guide us through this confusing world. So I decided that my "volunteer work" would be more diligence about writing book reviews at Amazon and Audible. I'm already pretty compulsive about posting hotel reviews at Trip Advisor.

The five Audible reviews I did yesterday can be seen on my Listener Page there.

Coming up: Preparations for our month away. And will I ever finish the bead inventory?

Jan 21, 2012