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Week in Review, 10 December 2011

A busy, back-to-work week after a stellar trip to Florida. Enjoying the moment of being an author again.

:: Projects

book cover"Tribe of the Breakaway Beads" Project. Worked fast and furious to get out the Kindle (ebook) edition. Surprisingly, I got it done in one day, last Sunday, and it went live on Monday. Since then I've been organizing my gift-giving and trying to think a little about marketing (and what I'm really up for in that department). I'd love to use it to encourage others to get their own stories told, but we'll see...

"Passion and Peril on the Silk Road." Remember that one? I had thought it long dead and forgotten. But much to my delight, I discovered I had sold 87 ebook editions (69 for Kindle). It isn't best-seller territory, but I like the idea that strangers bought the book, without the pressures of doing something nice for their friend/relative Susan. Makes me feel like a real writer. Makes me think that if I did a little more promoting, I could sell even more.

"Underground Athletic Club." With my eyes a-glitter about ebook sales, I pulled out the manuscript for the first book I wrote, which I tried to publish in 1990. I got the nicest rejection letters from agents, encouraging my writing. One of them said it was good but "too dark for a first novel." But is there anything too dark for 2012? So the other day, I got it all formated into Word, from the old Wordperfect files. I apparently started a rewrite in 1999, so I also have notes and a couple new chapters from then. I was drawn right back into the story... but decided that should be a project for another day. Is it a story I still want to tell? Should I be looking forward, not back? I want to use writing to explore something important to me. But what are the big questions and terrible dilemmas I'd like to explore through a set of characters?

:: Real life

Aching shoulder from intense driving and computer-jockeying was helped by a visit to the chiropracter and the massage therapist.

Garage door repaired.

:: Reading

Be the Monkey: Ebooks and Self-Publishing: A Conversation Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (Kindle)

Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live by Jeff Jarvis. (Audible) " A visionary and optimistic thinker examines the tension between privacy and publicness that is transforming how we form communities, create identities, do business, and live our lives..."


Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg -- listening to Audible version while I do yoga. Inspirational to rev me up for creative writing again AND to use writing as a "spiritual practice."

:: Project Planning

Blocks of time ahead:

  • Dec 2 - Dec 20, before Christmas roadtrip: drum and bugle video; family history stuff; party
  • Jan 1 - Jan 28, before Florida snowbird trip: finish Asia collection inventory
  • Mar - Apr, before Ireland trip: bead inventory?

Dec 10, 2011