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Out with Girlfriends

Hangover. Two glasses of wine with Sue W last night, followed by a tequila-drenched yakathon at Sheila’s house with Maria, Carol, and Deb. An unusual Monday night.

Unusual for me to get out on my own any night these days, which is why (I’m sayin’) I threw sobriety to the wind. And it was dark already at 5 P.M. What is it about the city lights in my old neighborhood that brings back floods of memories? Maybe that contributed… some reverberation of youth.

Sue and I are getting reacquainted after working together in the early 80s for Pat Drum Aerobics. She proofread my current book project so we talked a little about that, but then meandered into my recent favorite topic of religion and the various traditions that come to bear on our lives. What matters, what doesn’t.

The mood changed from urban bistro to suburban house-beautiful when I got to Sheila’s. The five of us there have been friends for a decade or two and feel free to express whatever is on our mind as loudly and as emotionally as we want. A different kind of therapy. Remember that time you were mad at me back in 2002????  No talk of God.

In either mode, it was fun to get out with the girls. Whether the conversation is silly or deep, emotional or intellectual, the mutual appreciation is real. The laughter is real.

Worth the morning headache.

Nov 8, 2011