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Week in Review, 22 October 2011


Antique Firearms Sale Project. Results are in: less spectacular that the glittering promises. Oh, well. Jim reminds me he made the collection as a history buff, not as an investor. Spent Wednesday reviewing item by item, updating my spreadsheet, thinking about lessons learned.

"Tribe of the Breakaway Beads" Project. Revisions "done" (still needs a final read-through in the heavily revised parts). Opened the book project at Createspace for printing via Amazon. Assigned the ISBN, so it's feeling like a real book.

Family History Project. Researched Holton family history for nieces and their mom. I think I've gone about as far as I can go without additional data. Ordered Family Tree Maker 2012.

Drum & Bugle Corps Video Project. Back-burnered till I'm done with "Breakaway Beads." It won't be that hard, but I'll need a big chunk of time to sink into it.


Reading (looking into the hidden corners of Christianity)

Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries by Annie Besant (1847-1933) (Kindle Edition, free) Investigated a little about the author here.

Desire of the Everlasting Hills: The World Before and After Jesus by Thomas Cahill

The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, published in 1928. Big fat reference book picked up at B&N.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad -- listening to Audible version while I do yoga.


Oct 22, 2011