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The "PC" Is 30 Years Old This Month

I can’t believe I was such an early adopter. IBM invented the Personal Computer in 1981 and I bought one. Living on my own in a little apartment, I used my car as collateral to take out a bank loan for $4000 to buy a computer with two floppy drives (hard drives still not available). I also got an Okidata dot matrix printer. And oh! MultiMate word-processing software — no “install” — just put the app in the left-hand drive and the data disk in the right-hand drive. What could be easier! Just type away in glowing green letters on a black screen.

Why did I do this? Ambition! I had wrested control of the newborn Information Technology department at my job — made my case that information belonged to the department that monitored service quality, not the accounting department. It was a war that lasted till the year I left, some 20+ years later.

Something about power of the personal computer turned me into a mad genius. I was so excited by the possibilities. I couldn’t wait to role up my sleeves and manipulate the data exactly as I wanted it.

I’m still in love with my PC, some 6?, 7?, 8? upgrades later.