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Week In Review

7/31/10 Busy with lots of projects!

Productive work: Passions

Grand Exits. Draft for Comment. Began revisions based on Pat's feedback. Decided to be a playful as possible, complementing the little essays with "ingenuities" on the facing pages. Decided to expand my mind with a little wordplay on Wednesday and Friday -- goofy but fun.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Ebay has been quiet up I'm still dealing with the fallout from my curiosity about what was hiding in Jim's study closet. Things are still strewn about, waiting for identification, labeling, photography and storage. I don't feel like being totally obsessive about list-making, but I don't want any more "mystery" boxes (fun as they might be the first time).

Exploratory Work

Reading up on avant-garde methods for generating art and ideas through mechanical means: Exercises In Style, Life: A User's Manual and Phantasmagoric Radio and listening to a few things at UbuWeb.

Infrastructure work

Partly because my work table is filled with collectibles-in-process, I set up a writing workstation down in the ground-floor study, where I do my best freeform thinking anyway.

Energizing Not-Work

Friends. Sushi dinner on Monday with the Darlas and the Tilleys: very stimulating conversation. Night out with my BORED women friends on Tuesday: lots of laughs on a beautiful evening by the Erie Canal. Marketing with Maria. Today, a movie and cocktails with another group.

Finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and moved right on to "The Girl Who Plays with Fire." On my iPad I've been working at my puzzling-solving skills.

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