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Week In Review

7/17/10 ...

Productive work: Passions

Grand Exits. Draft for Comment. Still, still waiting for comments from selected reviewers. Doodled an illustration and flung it online:


Productive Work: Stewardship

Nose to the grindstone: Big batch of photo and video taking... what has to happen before getting the next batch of books up on ebay. Time-consuming.

cameosExploratory Work

Postmodern theology. There's a concept for you. God is not a "Being" but a "happening." Will take me awhile to get my brain around that one.

Jewelry collection. Uncovered Jim's collection of antique brooches, buckles, rings, etc. Felt like a fairy princess with my treasure chest as I sat organizing them. Started to take a few pictures (see cameos, right), but my camera set-up was acting up.

Peer networking. Interesting online conversations at She Writes. A little more time exploring Flickr for inspiration.

Infrastructure work

Physical. Months of selling finally freeing up a couple shelves. Rearranging some books and other collections for a little more "breathing" space.

Computer. Every day a little annoyance. I should upgrade to Windows 7 but... out of the frying pan into the fire?

Energizing Not-Work

Jury duty. A fizzle. Just amounted to calling in every evening. Only 260 of the 900 called had to go to the courthouse. I was #785.

Roadtrip. Nova Scotia here we come. Spent all day Thursday nailing down lodging.

Otherwise enjoyable times at sidewalk cafe, at Darla's, and at yoga class.

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