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Week (or two) In Review

7/10/10 ADD week -- jumping around to lots of "infrastructure" projects: archiving, documenting, planning. I guess that's a good summer activity...?

Productive work: Passions

Grand Exits. Draft for Comment. Still waiting for comments from selected reviewers. Doodling some illustrations to go with it. Color markers out on my work table.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Bored with Ebay. But, having just earned my "Top Seller" badge, I shouldn't slack off.

Catalogs of Ansel Adams letters and Louis Hine photos out to California dealer. Awaiting his assessment.

Exploratory Work

Short on envelope-pushing and risk-taking; long on infrastructure tasks (see below). Back to looking at other people's drawings on Flickr -- always inspirational.

Infrastructure work

Photo archives I. Converted travel photos from Pakistan/China (1992), Thailand (1990), and Mexico (1988) from obsolete Kodak PhotoCD format to .TIF

Photo archives II. Used to convert about 40 roles of obsolete Kodak Advantix APS film to large .JPG format. Mexico (2000); Indonesia (1997); and Ecuador (1998).

Rearranged Hollywood movie books from bedroom to ground floor. Found many for high priority sale. Started moving Jim's jewelry collection (who knew?) from his study onto the bedroom shelves but became fascinated -- lots of glittering silver and gold art nouveau pins, rings, and buckles as well as jewelry with photographs (tintypes, daguerreotypes) on them.

Began laborious task of entering a couple decades of Jim's photo-related purchase receipts into an Excel spreadsheet.

Energizing Not-Work

Honed in on planning an August roadtrip to Nova Scotia. Nothing like a roadtrip to get me organized!

I was sick-ish this week: sore throat without any other sign of infection. Finally went away, so I guess I won't sweat the diagnosis.

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