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Week In Review

6/26/10 Pleasant week in the hood.

Productive work: Passions

Grand Exits. Got a printable PDF version posted here: Draft for Comment. Speedy Pat has already downloaded it, commented, mailed it back; we had a phone consult over cocktails Fri afternoon. Very helpful!

Submitted four of my little animations for consideration to be part of a new video wall installation at the airport. I miss doing video work! (Techno-hell getting them done though -- out of tune with my software.)

New blog design completed.

Passion and Peril. A slight uptick in my marketing energy. Sent a couple books out.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Made over $700 in last week's auctions. W00t! Five auctions in progress now. Bids are looking good. Had to actually CALL ebay -- twice, because my gallery photos weren't showing up. Took two days to solve and the solution finally took two minutes. Grrr.

Exploratory Work

It seems like everything I do is exploratory -- I have to push the boundaries till whatever I'm working on collapses under the burden of my tinkering. How sweet it is.

Infrastructure work

iPhone iOS4. Yawn.

My workhorse computer is getting senile. If it isn't one thing crashing it's another. I probably need to trash everything on the disk and do a clean install using Windows 7 (I'm still on Vista)... or update the whole system. Either way means a week of careful reinstalling and testing of all my software. In the meanwhile, I've decided to take the unprecedented step of updated my drivers from Dell -- maybe that will help.

Energizing Not-Work

Detoxing and recalibrating, except for that double gin and diet tonic with Pat. Ultra-deep yoga class with Carla, along with a more flow version with Beth. Exploring the north coast with my sweetie.

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