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Resolutions, 2010

"MANIFESTO: TELL STUNNING STORIES. Dial up the volume of my voice; take risks; make it impeccable."

I'm still a fan of the Manifesto (adopted 1.19.08), even though (at the moment) I'm content to be kind of a dawdling slug. I need to establish a stricter weekly and daily schedule to avoid drifting.


  • Finish memoir-in-progress. Prepare an e-book version and a "deluxe" illustrated version.
  • Keep blog/journal lively and entertaining; use as style and "voice" practice.
  • Send copies of "Passion & Peril" to art-world people who might enjoy it.
  • Draw for fun and relaxation.
  • Complete a couple new radio programs, based on the memoir stuff.
  • Finish reading all the books I started in 2009 (and earlier).

Stewardship and Sales

  • Get some collections moving out to sale. Need to hustle, in the best meaning of the word.
  • Get that Asian art catalog done.

Higher self

But... resolve needs to be balanced with my other mantra: Follow the disturbance. Serendipity has brought me many wonderful surprises.

  • It seems like being a kind and patient person should be enough of a challenge for me. I wish I weren't so cynical about "good causes."

Travel & Friendships

  • Plan another great trip.
  • Stay connected to family and friends.

Health & Wellness

  • Energize! Work on strength and flexibility -- 6 days a week.

1.1.2010 (rev. 1.2.10)

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