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Project Status Review


Anxiety. Lots of curating, no customers, no sales. Lots of ideas, no artistic productions. Not marketing novel. Lots of time spent on deciphering Twitter; registering for, Linkedin, Friendfeed, Twine... not sure why yet; setting up newstracking in Google Reader for auctions and collectibles markets; finding communities of interesting people.

Conclusion. Many interesting tools... No results (though, yes, more collections are cataloged). Imbalance. What are next steps? [Need a vacation.]

Need a map. See above. The classic Input > Process > Outputs > Objectives. [Should I spend a few minutes every day dusting?]

Objectives are stable, good.

Outputs. I've identified many creative outlets this past year. But so many are dead-ends-- "great opportunities" that don't lead to anything else. Sales outlets -- ebay feels kind of dead right now too.

Inputs. I'm doing a lot of environmental scanning. That's good. Issue: how to keep new people, ideas, communities, markets, trends, methods organized so I can synthesize what I'm learning into action?

Process. Hmmm... this is the discombobulated section. [Ahh Jim is frying onions.] How to transform new information, ideas, etc. into products and sales? [Is it time for yoga class yet?] How to go about getting those larger, more interactive audiences I crave? How to build that peer network of fellow thinker-doers and creatives I can be inspired and motivated by? My turntable needs a little bump to pop me back in my groove. [When is spring ever going to arrive???]


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