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Week In Review

3.21.09 Busy week on Planet Susan. Snowfall on the ground yesterday made me groan.

Had this *great* idea to post photos of various collections into a new Flickr account: cosmorochester collects. Haven't decided if this is totally self-serving (looking for friends in these collecting fields) or an act of generosity toward whatever-lovers. No matter. Done (except for labeling -- neverending): Africa, Lost Family of Fredonia, and Hollywood Portraits.

Determined to figure out Twitter: My mission to find interesting, informative people to follow is working out. Facebook feels like keeping in touch with friends. Twitter feels like reaching out into the world beyond my little circle.

Housecleaning. Didn't I just dust in January??!! This evening we are receiving a delegation from Planet Darla -- a small group of people bringing food and wine in exchange for the mini-museum experience.

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