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Week In Review

3.7.09 Mix of catching up with old friends and nose-to-the-screen work.

Was out Saturday night, Monday night, and Wednesday night catching up with old friends. Topics: Travel, movies, food, aging, midlife betrayals, and the state of the world.

Cartidge pistols

In between social engagements, Jim and I concentrated on trying to catalog an antique firearms collection. Each "catalog" project demands somewhat different work process. I'd like to think I'm getting more efficient as we move from photographs to cameras to African artifacts and now to old weapons. It's been a good lesson to both of us: never toss something in a drawer and think, "Oh, I'll never forget what that is." We forget.

Here's a little show of the first group we tackled: Slide Show [updated 3.12.09]

Really tried to do some drawing, but nothing happened. I guess the analytic part of me triumphed this week.

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