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Spider Sense

Three kinds of motion: jumping up and down, twirling, and getting from point A to point B. Which am I doing?

My 2009 energies are focusing in on our "stuff." I suppose day after day of dismal economic news has put me in defensive mode. If the globe is not blossoming with opportunities at the moment, then I need to make sure that what I have is preserved and put to work for us.

Actually, the world is always full of opportunities, isn't it? They simply shift as times change. I need to study the collectibles market. In bad times, everybody sells and few people buy. A buyer's market... if you know value when you see it. But we don't need to buy. We need a selling strategy.

Oh, I have a selling strategy, don't I? Slow and steady. But ebay and other markets might be clogged with people dumping good collectibles out there because they are desperate to make a house payment. I prefer to sell our junque at boutique prices. Hmmm...

I have to be a SPIDER... all 8 legs in useful motion, weaving my web, exercising my spider sense.


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