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More Cataloguing

African art (what? where?)... taxes (groan)... ebay tallies (did I make any profit?)... book sales (what was original cost? could the receipts be buried in this shoebox?)... photographic hardware (didn't I make a list somewhere?). Word documents... Access database... Excel spreadsheets... InDesign files... keywords... metadata.

I am trying to throw my arms around the ecosystem otherwise known as our household.

I wish I had a method of tying every collectible into a database, with a photo. Kind of the way National Geographic can reduce the planet Earth to a set of 6 DVDs.

But I only have another 40 years to live.

So I guess I just need a my own flexible, micro-ecosystem to nail down a collection "for the record." Sometimes a list in a Word document is just fine. Sometimes more elaborate solutions are required. I bought a 3-ring binder, with tabs. I ordered a fireproof storage box. That will be the microcosm.

Meanwhile, here is our African collection. Adobe Bridge will generate this slide show, but I'm SO FRUSTRATED that I can't seem to produce descriptive labels. I finally figured out how to get Keywords to show up ("Subject") but the script insists on spewing out all the camera data as well. Grrrr....

The photos are surprisingly good for trying to speed through 200 items of all shapes and sizes. Some are awful. I learned a few lessons about tabletop photography along the way.


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