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Zuzu & ZimZuzu & Zim: Superpowers

Zuzu and Zim are trying to figure out what next. Maybe they could save the world... or maybe just a few "deliver us from evil" adventures as a couple of cool superheroes.

But superheroes need a few things. Like secret identities. That's easy. People already think of them as a couple of lazy bums who can't multi-task.

But what about superpowers? We all have one, I guess, usually not well developed. Zuzu fancies that her superpower is a Protective Force Field. Anyone within her circle is protected against the effects of the Evil Eye and its curses bred from envy, greed, pride, and the other deadly sins. Her motto is French: Toujours Le Sourire [Always Smiling]. This is the same superpower that repelled both boys and muggers when she was a youth.

zuzu superpower

So what is Zim's superpower? Zuzu fancies Zim as sort of the Magic Seeker -- a hunter figure, with his eagle eye and magic trident, which is mostly used for rescuing cool stuff from the backwaters of antiques malls but has also been used for plucking talent out of a crowd. And, of course, for superhero rescue missions. It also gets him in trouble. He relies on Zuzu's force field for protection, just as she relies on the Magic Seeker for courage.

Zim Superpower


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