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1.31.09 January was a busy month, but in a slow motion kind of way. Not really productive but studious.

Continuing my 40-minutes for 40 days regime -- starting the day with a combo of meditation, scribbling thoughts freestyle in a notebook, and drawing "from life."

Finished Lesley's promo animation for her Swap Keeper software. Process: Lesley's software > my little drawings >our Fab-3 brainstorming last January in Florida > Lesley's Power Point/Quicktime "story board" > Pat's critique > my animation. Nice teamwork.

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Still cataloging African art. Slow process, as I'm trying to learn what I can about the various tribes and the meaning of their work. Developing a great appreciation for areas of the world we hear about only in terms of violence and disorder.

Novel marketing: I'm moving slow on this. Did manage to send a copy of the novel, with a letter, to my former literary agent. It may be wishful thinking to hope she will work on selling the movie rights, but what the heck...

The Valentine 1955. Ellen reminded me that it would be good to post it on Facebook for February (Valentine's Day + Black History Month). Decided to find my original movie layout to update the soundtrack with an improved track I use for radio. Turned into a technical nightmare... but I'm working it out.

Social. Happy Hour Thursday with Deb and Carla. They have a great house filled with reflections of their art-loving and intellectual lives. Carla played the piano for us.

Hanging out a little too much on Facebook. I remind myself of Molly Goldberg, hanging out her window, watching her friends and family, dispensing commentary. The irony is: who of the Facebook generation has a clue who Molly Goldberg was -- "The Goldbergs" TV series ended in 1956.

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