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Beadabase Blossoming

My 40 minutes of early morning quiet time (this is Day 8) was expected to unleash a flood of creativity. But creative floods aren't always predictable. Instead of an edgy little radio piece or an amazing animation, my head has turned toward CATALOGING. I know... yawn... groan...

Last week I was ruminating about my bead database in hopes of producing some wonderful "thing" about beads. Now I see I need to rev up my database to put together a basic catalog of our most precious possessions. If for nothing other than putting documentation in the safe deposit box in case of the worst. It's sensible. But it's also a modern-day charm to fend off bad luck: if I can capture it all as digital text/image and put the "effigy" in a "sacred" place, it will be safe.

Yesterday I launched into updating the structure of my old database so it can include not only beads, but also textiles, statues, photographs, antique guns, scroll paintings, etc. It isn't that complicated.

What boggles my mind is actually gathering up and organizing the information. Photographs. Our file folders of receipts. Giving it all some kind of number system. Finding the workflow... the flow... the flow...


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