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Maybe this will be my social networking year.

I probably spent way too much time this week fiddling around with Facebook. Interesting to see the connections building and to poke around to see what everyone is doing, making a wisecrack here and there -- kind of like strolling through the town square. I joined a Suspense/Thriller Writers group, among others... kind of interesting. Making a couple of arty connections on and someone there invited me to join a new social network of artists called Heutekunst [TodayArt] (" to promote artists interested in an alternative approach to showing, publishing & promoting their artistic message") -- which I did. It's very international and still small enough to be personal, so I'm intrigued.

Got the second edition of Passion And Peril back to the bookstore shelves again. Now I can think more seriously about marketing. Ordered some copies to send to reviewers, etc.

Sunk myself into getting some Ebay action going... did 44 item scans and got a few of them listed in the store or up for auction.

I did some drawing this week but seemed to be battling my tools more than anything. I'm not practicing enough.

Today I did a photo-shoot for Joanne, with Alison and Kelly... trying to get a few good photos to promote her business with. Fun. Then Jim and I went to check out some artist workshop space, which has an "open house" every second Saturday -- always interesting to me to see creative people at work. Tonight we're heading back to the same area, with Joanne, Alison and Kelly to hear a music duo HuDost play. A change of pace for us to be going out to hear music on a Saturday night.

Car needs a new muffler.

Other than this, I've been hibernating with a cold. The worst seems to be over.

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