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Where Was I?

work room 1-9-09I was sleepy last night when I thought: I'll just sort this one little stack of Hollywood photos before I put them back on my "sell" shelf.

Suddenly it was a "loaves and fishes" situation. What I thought was about 20 photos multiplied into a hundred or more, mashed together in old plastic bags, a jumble of Tom Mix, Ingrid Bergman, and "Son of Frankenstein."

I began sorting and putting each photo in its own acid-free slip-cover till I crawled off to bed.

Now my worktable is in "archaeology" mode -- I will have to excavate through the old photos into the layers of other projects beneath. That's easy enough. But then I have to think... where was I going before I thought sorting photos was a good idea. Beneath the photos are my markers and pens, a pile of movie magazines ready to sell, a Moroccan amulet, a book on cartoonists, my marketing notes for "Passion and Peril." I could wish for a giant room where every activity had its own workstation, but then I'd probably never finish anything.

[Photo note: Taken on iPhone with AirMe app, which automatically uploads to Flickr. Chose a size, then downloaded to my web files... which I will upload to my website with this page. Easy-peasy.]


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