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Speeding in All Directions

One of those weird days where I started in one direction, did a few twirls, and landed in another.

Started out reading my book on amulets (Faith and Transformation: Votive Offerings and Amulets from the Alexander Girard Collection), which got me thinking about my bead and necklace collection, which got me thinking about (a) drawing (got out my old Rapidographs then decided to fool around with a dip pen) and (b) updating my lo-o-ong outdated database of necklaces (so I re-installed MS Access 2000 and ordered the upgrade).

Meanwhile, Jim and I went to the Memorial Art Gallery for the last day of the Russian Icons show.

When I ran out of steam, with nothing to show for any of my efforts, I decided to stop procrastinating about doing some Ebay shopwork. Decided to pull out a short stack of old movie lobby cards. As my magic shelves would have it, before long my workroom floor was covered with items I swear I've never seen before: more Hollywood publicity photos, more sheet music, movie press kits, souvenir movie programs, 3 full size movie posters (!), and more 1920s movie magazines. I swear.

Took a break for dinner and a movie (a really strange one). Now I'm back in my studio looking around at stacks of potential merchandise, pens, beads, pencil sketches, books. EEEK. I think I'll crawl into bed and read. As Scarlett O'Hara said: "I'll think about it tomorrow."

Now reading "Watchmen " -- a graphic novel, supposed to be "the best."


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