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Past Life Regression

When Joanne told me that a business consultation had resulted in a past life regression for her, I know I must have conveyed the raised eyebrow of skepticism. So she and Alison gave me a CD by Brian L. Weiss MD, who hyponotizes the listener into surfacing a past life. Today was the day I gave it a try.

The CD went through a deep relaxation exercise, then had me free associate persons/images from various centuries. I honed in on the one that attracted me most.

I skimmed past the 19th century Union soldier and the 18th century monk and landed in the pre-Christian era. I was specifically in Hellenistic Baalbek (Lebanon), Petra (Jordan) and/or Syria. I was an itinerant teacher-preacher-philosopher. Male. [Look down at your feet.] Wearing a long robe and sandals. My skin was tanned to a walnut brown. I had a balding head, with long graying hair and a long beard. [Imagine the death scene.] I died peacefully on a sunny day with my head cradled on the lap of a beautiful woman.

The exercise wasn't very long, so that was all the life I visualized. Nothing traumatic. I felt very happy. When the exercise ended I felt pretty relaxed and curious about the itinerant teacher. I know that both Buddha and Jesus came from traditions of wandering teachers but now I can't find any reference in my books.

Did I really open a channel to the past or did a swirl of electrical impulses in my brain simply conjure up a character, as I have many times for my fiction writing. (OR, maybe the characters in my fiction are spirits whispering to me from lives once lived. Oooh.)

I don't know what to do with this now. I'll have to ask Joanne.


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