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12.19.08: What I've Been Doing

Busy in a more social way for a change.

Stopped by Maria's on Sunday and Scott served us cosmos. 3 of them each. The headache hit at 9 pm.

Jim and Judy S. came by for dinner on Wed -- fellow members of the dive club we hung with in the 80's. Fellow world travelers, so fun to catch up on travel tales. Red wine.

Deb and Carla for Happy Hour on Thursday. The conversation more philosophical and artsy. Buddhism vs. Catholicism. Self-publishing (of course). White wine.

All a great excuse for some semi-serious dusting and scrubbing. Jim love me giving him orders.

Got acquainted via email with a second-cousin, Katie Hession, from Chicago, who I've never met. She's a brand manager for Loyola U.(which absorbed my alma mater Mundelein), so that brought up a lot of old memories of being a Mundle-Bundle.

Caught up with Jim's son Roger when he called to say our Christmas package had been ripped open and all he got was an empty envelope. Hope the thieves are enjoying my novel.

Was supposed to have my big interview on :Vocalo radio today, but their phones went wacko on them (or so they say), so we will re-schedule after the holidays. Thanks to my sister Kathleen who kept me entertained by email while I nervously awaited the non-call. A major snowstorm socked up in all day, but we managed to avoid cabin fever.

Dribbled out a few Christmas cards. Made choc-chip cookies for St Louis fans. Haircut. Closed the ebay store. Can't wait to hit the road on Monday.


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