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12.13.08: What I've Been Doing

It was a busy week as I hopped around between technical and creative challenges and tried to make a nod toward Christmas.

I may be still riding the tide of a post-vacation energy burst. Or I may be reaping the benefit of my studio television being on the blink and the local progressive talk radio going off the air -- more time for scheming. I'm also doing my 20 minutes of (almost) daily mindfulness meditation -- it helps me to sink into doing one thing at a time and to reduce that brain chatter, which can be so distracting.

new fontsNot paying much attention to ebay. You'd think people would want cheesy little collectibles for cheap presents, but not much action. So, as long as I'm not starving, I'll save my cheesy collectibles for a more optimistic times. Or starving times.

The book production has gotten me interested in opening other channels for income. Got my Kindle edition of "Passion & Peril" published. Now I should look at the other e-book formats. I'm not much for self-promotion, but if I keep taking little marketing baby-steps, maybe I'll wind up making some pocket change.

Got 4 more of my radio productions uploaded to the Public Radio Exchange. Funny how I get so much air time at :Vocalo, but rarely get anything picked up through PRX. Good match with the free-wheeling :Vocalo format, I guess.

Trying to finish writing another radio piece. Working title: "How Crap Becomes Real," based on the premise of "The Velveteen Rabbit, Or How Toys Become Real."

Poking away at revising "Outta Control" about our travels through Pakistan and China.

Pulling out another novel I wrote -- possible entry into a contest for unpublished novels. Longshot, but might keep me moving forward. (Prize: $25,000 book contract... but the contest closes after the 1st 10,000 entries. Lotta frustrated storytellers out there!)


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