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This novel-publishing business has me totally self-absorbed -- okay, even more self-absorbed. One day I'm thinking "I can do ANYTHING (as long as it has instructions)" and the next day I'm boxing myself in behind that shy kindergarten kid who needed her mother to find her some friends.

Anyway, I'm into a couple creative projects, but in the back of my mind I'm strategizing about how to market "Passion and Peril." Find my baby some friends, like my mother did for me.

I jumped on :Vocalo (89.5 FM in Chicago, Northwest Indiana) to see how many playlists included my radio pieces this month and decided to post a message about my book and my decision to self-publish (and of course thanking them for believing in my storytelling abilities all year).

A couple hours later I got a message from Ayana, a host/producer: "Awesome!!!!!! I'm such a big fan of the way you weave a story! Don't ever quit."

And then from Steve, another host/producer: "You are an ace story teller. Try not to leave us behind when you're famous. On that note, let's do a book promo interview next Friday, Dec. 19. Are you around at noon Chicago time? We can call out to you. We'll preview the book and play some of your pieces. E-mail me..." And then production coordinator Adam added: "I'm feeling a dramatic reading coming on! I'll definitely be tuning in for that. Congratulations Susan."

I was swooning. A live phone interview? A "book promo"? I couldn't have been happier if Oprah had called.

"Ace storyteller" -- cool.


12.12.2008 Update: Host/producer Tom apparently read my :Vocalo message on the air today in his "Nobody to Somebody" broadcast.

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