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Self-made Novelist Arrives

Or should I say "self-appointed"? A "legend in her own mind"?

Today the UPS truck delivered the first copy of "Passion & Peril" to my doorstep. One look and I decided it was perfect -- ready to open the Createspace E-store for business. I clicked on the button: "APPROVED." And just like that I'm published.

I have spent the rest of the day fixing up my "Passion & Peril" webpage (still a work in progress) and linking it to the e-store. The book is selling for $15 (plus shipping), but my pals can get it for $12 using the discount code DAPTWRH2. I'm not exactly sure how this ripples out. The e-store opened instantly but it will take a couple weeks to make it into the Amazon listings. I ordered some copies for give-aways, but the delivery time from Createspace looks a little slow (need expedited delivery to get before Christmas), so I can't pressure all my friends to buy it for everyone on their shopping lists.

I will make way more profit per book via the Createspace e-store, but I imagine that (assuming I do some marketing and gather some 5-star reviews) more will sell through Amazon searches. I'm thinking that I won't get much traction till well into 2009.

I don't know whether to say "spread the word" or "stay tuned." Maybe for once this is not a "stay tuned" moment, but a "yippee, spread the word" moment.


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