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This was one of those dreams you're glad to wake up from:

As I started to wake up I realized that I was driving, that I had fallen asleep at the wheel. Then I could not. Get. My. Eyes. To. Open. I was on the highway, in traffic. How could I have fallen asleep? That's never happened to me before.

I was able to ease the car over to the soft shoulder, by feeling the edge of the road. My eyes finally opened. It was night. Lights zooming by. I put on my flashers. A girl came by to ask if I was all right. I said yes, but then she went around to the passenger side and tried to get in. I reached over and pushed her away, slamming and locking all the doors. The young woman needed to see how strong I was.

When I finally got to Jim's office, I threw myself into his arms. I couldn't wait to tell him my story. But this was the Jim of 30 years ago, in a bustling office. He wanted me to listen to some music. All I wanted to do was tell someone what had happened to me. But no one was listening.

This is kind of a new dream genre for me: "Outta Control... On My Own." I suspect it comes from being on the verge of uploading "Passion and Peril" to Amazon. That project is making me really itchy and restless... when I should be having fun, feeling excited.


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