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Book coverCover Art: Playing

While Jim works his way through the proofreading task, I started on the cover art. Here's my first version.

It's a long way from my meditating "Buddha-self," isn't it?

Triple challenge: (1) Mood: The potential reader says "YES, that's the kind of story I'm in the mood for!" and (2) Composition: Is it graphically powerful at thumbnail sizes (Amazon sales pages)?. (3) Technical: Colors, fonts print well from a PDF (cheap process).

I was going to have the background all black, then all red. But I see that the small-market 5 x 8 paperbacks I have around use muted colors on their matte/satin covers.

postcard from ParisThe illustration comes from a Photoshhopped French postcard (early 20th c.) I found that I'd already scanned (see left). For me it portrays both ecstasy and jeopardy... and the fact that my plot turns around the adventures of couples, together and apart, in love and at odds. Affairs don't turn out well.

The blood drops might be too over the top... but this is no place for subtlety. Murder and assault rifles are what you get with this story.

Colors, font: I like the Stencil font (packing crates are a plot element)... but it needs to stand out more maybe. I kind of like the greenish-tan background color on the screen, but I'm not sure it's graphically strong. Will have to check out some different color palettes.

I want my product to look professional, but -- as I start taking myself too seriously -- I remind myself to HAVE FUN with this. It's a trashy thriller for beach, airport, or a cozy couch in winter, not a PhD thesis. So, don't hold back... let 'er rip!


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