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Revising, 2

I'm in the obsessive part. Good place to be. Totally absorbing. But ignoring my other work: like getting some auctions going on ebay. Also, fantasizing about other elements of getting the book published.

Title. Has to be something that will pop up on the Amazon search engine. What will people be looking for when they find (and buy) my book? Current pick: "Smugglers Road: A Thriller in Pakistan and China." Genre = thriller. Setting = China, Pakistan. Type of crime = smuggling (though it's art smuggling, not drugs or whatever). Plot-type = road, journey.

I have to start calling it something anyway in my blog, other than "my novel." Smugglers Road was the title on one of my earlier drafts -- not too poetic, but gets it across.

Cover. If you self-publish on CreateSpace, you have to do the WHOLE thing, including cover art. So I have to figure out something that will be eyecatching as a small thumbnail in an Amazon listing. Something that will print well from a PDF file. Black, red, white? Nothing subtle. Murderous looking.

Oh, and back cover photo of the author!

Input from my creative pals welcome! Non-creative pals, too. And creative strangers.

Can I get this uploaded before Thanksgiving? Won't be available for the Christmas rush, but I'd like to GET IT DONE.


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