Mad In Pursuit Notebook

zuzu and zim


4 Nov 2008 -- I hope by the time anyone sees this, our home, our country will be brightened by the dawning of the Obama era of peace & prosperity.

Days 24-27 of our roadtrip across the High Plains are a jumble, as we zoomed into St. Louis and spent the weekend celebrating my 60th birthday. It will have to be sorted out in additional blog entries this week. After a month away, it was good to find the furnace working and everything safe and sound. The leaves piled up against the door and, as we arrived, an army of black and red beetles (not ladybugs) were swarming under the door into our entryway. I think my hallway spiders had my back though and didn’t allow the beetles to get very far. I ran for the bug spray and put an end to the melee.