Mad In Pursuit Notebook

Orla Texas

Day 21: Carlsbad NM to Midland TX (203 mi)

28 Oct 2008 -- Staying the nite in Midland TX – Bush country. Must be why my internet connection is lousy. Writing this note from my iPhone. More tomorrow.

zuzu and zim

From handwritten notes:

Leaving New Mexico Jim was stopped for speeding -- 57 in a 40 mph zone. Verbal warning. Sun in our eyes.

Creativity: flow should be a river, inspirations and ideas coming faster than can be captured. For me, drips: I feel like I'm dowsing in the desert -- an occasional spring discovered -- the water table is deep.

We cross the Texas line at about 9 AM. We have dropped to a lower altitude. We see oil pumps -- like birds pecking bugs from the soil, in slick slow motion. Orla is a ghost-town (see photo above). A sign at an abandoned grocery store says: "It's a long way to anywhere from Orla." We are such little gnats on the face of the planet. Barely bigger than a tumbleweed.

The Clarion Hotel in Midland was the worst so far -- food in the microwave, a white liquid splashed all over, no remote/no channel guide for the TV, worthless internet connection.

We visited the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, which was interesting in a masculine sort of way. We are no longer in artsy territory. But I do love the exuberance of the great works of man.

Texas oil