Mad In Pursuit Notebook

Road to Roswell

Day 18: Ruidoso to Roswell, NM (74 mi)

25 Oct 2008 -- A relatively short drive today from Ruidoso to Roswell, New Mexico. First stop, the International UFO Museum and Research Center – modestly intriguing, wonderfully tacky. Whether or not we “believe in” extraterrestrials is a topic for another day. My first response: angels for science geeks.

We visited a few antique shops, then found a great room at a Days Inn.

This afternoon we headed to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. We wondered if we could bear “another gallery” but we were swept away by wonderful, wild paintings and sculpture. Everything we’ve seen for the past 10 days or so has been keyed to the New Mexican aesthetic. Today’s museum was more broad-reaching and experimental – fun.

A little Mexican dinner and now we’re sitting pretty…

From my handwritten journal, written this morning in Ruidoso

Has there really been anything "spiritual" in our travels? I think my awe has been reserved for the land itself and the orgiastic relationship of humanity with it. The pure magnificence of the earth and how we have passionately interacted with it. Can't say that I see "the hand of God" -- that's almost trivializing. The slow-moving forces of nature and the frenetic, incomplete, seeking history of human beings -- a yin/yang itself -- no need for a puppet-master, no need to turn it into a game of "good and evil."

Roswell, NM