Mad In Pursuit Notebook

new mexico

Day 16: Santa Fe

23 Oct 2008 -- We headed up north for the last time today: Chimayo (kind of the Lourdes of New Mexico, with miraculous dirt – I tried some), Cordova (way rural artisans, where suspicious residents told us we better turn around and leave the way we came), Truchas (isolated village where we had a wonderful “tea room” lunch at an artist’s house), Nambe Pueblo (Indian Reservation – very quiet) and Ildefonso Pueblo (Indian Reservation, known for its beautiful pottery).

We were more in the mood for scenery than art at this point.The day was clear so we could really see forever, from the scrubby plants at roadside to dramatic sculpted mesas to distant snowcapped mountains. We dug out the binoculars to get a good look.

Tomorrow we leave our cozy little casita for good and head out to explore some other parts of New Mexico and… who knows where…

From my handwritten journal:

We are both reading about explorers -- the Chinese and Kit Carson. What personalities can truly be at home on -- totally present to -- the unknown, while the rest of us feel like we're on a tightrope between Home and Comfort -- teetering, scared. The explorers were so self-contained, confident in their problem-solving, able to interpret new territory perceptively and accurately.

Chimayo NM

Chimayo NM