Mad In Pursuit Notebook

zuzu and zim

Day 15: Santa Fe

22 Oct 2008 -- Phew. Kind of a slow day as we polished off a couple more museums and re-visited the Museum of International Folk Art. My back ached and I turned out to be braindead as a navigator. Left? Right!? What the…?! Jim grabbed the map a couple times, but we also did some “scenic tours” of Santa Fe residential areas. Santa Fe is a beautiful city – everything built according to traditional adobe standards – an art gallery wherever your gaze falls. But where are the restaurants??? I appreciate not seeing any fast-food or chain restaurants. But most tourist-y cities are rife with food joints… but the people here apparently live by art alone.

Oh well, we finally got all our food and drink needs met… sitting in front of the fire… watching the Rachel Maddow Show… [Gobama!]