Mad In Pursuit Notebook

New Mexico

Day 14: Santa Fe

21 Oct 2008 --We set out at 9 this morning to do another scenic tour of the area surrounding Santa Fe. We managed two stops then changed our plan.

At White Rock on Rt 4, we drove to the Overlook Park to see the canyon that the Rio Grande River flows through (see above). Then we drove on down into the White Rock Canyon to Bandelier National Monument. The friendly visitor service guy told us about the Golden Pass and now Jim (with me in tow) can enter all National Parks and recreational areas free of charge.

Bandelier is home to ancient ruins of the mysterious cliff-dwelling Anasazi people. We spent a long time gawking at the little rooms dug into the side of volcanic cliffs. Another great photo op! By the time we finished hiking and lunching, we pondered the road ahead and reconsidered our ambitious plan.

So we circled around and visited Los Alamos – home of the atomic bomb and caretakers of our nuclear arsenal. Oh gosh. I’m usually a fan of amazing human systems – dams, locks, wind farms, power grids, etc – but the nuclear bomb business really is dark, no matter how it is presented.

Bandelier, New Mexico

Bandelier National Park