Mad In Pursuit Notebook

santa fe NM

Day 12: Santa Fe

19 Oct 2008 -- Today we headed to the museums on Museum Hill here in Santa Fe. First, the Museum of International Folk Art – less about New Mexico and more about people who craft things for beauty and utility: furniture, textiles, votive figurines and amulets. It was a nice reminder of the kind of patience it takes to do something good.

Next, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. We saw the usual collection of pots and jewelry and were treated to an exhibit of comic art (Comic Art Indigine). The neighboring Wheelwright Museum of the American Indianhad an interesting exhibit of Indian “curios” made for selling to Eastern markets (as opposed to ritual purposes). These curios were poo-pooed by the anthropological purists back in the early 20th c. but, in fact, the silver workshops gave rise to a generation of highly respected artists post-World War II.

After a lunch break we headed back for more: this time to the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art – very Mexican, very Catholic.

We’re settled back into our casita now, preparing dinner from last night’s leftovers. We need to rest our eyes for tomorrow’s adventure.

From my handwritten journal:

Sort of braindead and overstimulated simultaneously. Book! Drawing! Blogging! Photos! I keep assigning myself new drawing "exercises," then just do what I've always done. Hard to break out of myself.

Reminder: purpose is INPUT not OUTPUT. RELAX into something I don't know. But on a trip that is so long, won't I forget the "lessons" of the beginning if I don't CAPTURE them somehow?

I keep wanting to transform what I see into something else (photos, drawings), instead of letting it tell me its story... letting it transform me.

zuzu and zim