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zuzu and zim

Day 10: Santa Fe

17 Oct 2008 --We started out our tour of Santa Fe by paying homage to the great Georgia O’Keeffe at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. She was not only a groundbreaking painter (who happened to be a woman), but she was also a really cool, strong-minded woman (who also happened to be very photogenic even at the wrinkled old age of 99). I couldn’t help noticing that the museum was full of women who couldn’t help smiling. We were all honoring this great painter amid the Santa Fe scenery that inspired her.

Like Taos, Santa Fe contains mile upon mile of art galleries, specializing in intensely colorful New Mexican and Native American style. The mind quickly boggles. I asked myself, “Where the hell are the wine shops?” (as I imagined going back to our hotel and putting our feet up in front of the fire). It took us way too far into the afternoon to figure out that packaged wine and liquor are sold in grocery stores here and the grocery stores are on the edge of town. Finally mission accomplished. We watched cable news and ate leftovers from last night’s dinner.

From my handwritten journal:

My Zuzu and Zim drawing from yesterday (above) was my first attempt to do something in the Santa Fe style. Georgia O'Keefe I ain't. After looking at so much astonishing art, I can only be classified as one of those untutored outsiders -- and probably not a markedly talented one. But practice helps. Need to study composition -- and how to work those colors. Practice:

composition practice

Santa Fe casita