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T-Minus-1: Getting Ready for Liftoff

I woke up this morning feeling calm and ready for the final trip countdown. But yesterday was my stress day. All my anxieties seemed to finally revolve around one issue: what happens if we lose a credit card? How can I have the right numbers in a secret place in case of an emergency?

Never mind that I was still killing pantry weevils. That I had to fast (no coffee) to get blood tests (is a thyroid imbalance responsible for my fingernails splitting... or is it just aging? Plus routine cholesterol). That Jim was having 3 of his tooth caps finally installed (successful). That Jim couldn't find his ATM card (now found). That our absentee ballots hadn't arrived (resolved: we'll go downtown and vote today after dropping Herman off). Etc.

My anxiety was finally about securing my numbers.

I guess it's natural, when you're leaving the comfy nest for a month, to obsess about the what-ifs and how to protect your secret-secret codes. I found a program called eWallet, then went crazy because my desktop wouldn't recognize my iPhone in order to sync up the data. (Have to have data in two places!!! What if...!!!???). I fiddled with network settings. I tried to figure out some program called Bonjour (which I had deleted because I thought it was spyware), now realizing it had something to do with Apple and "zero-configuration networking." AIIEEEE... no time for this!!! Patience gone!!!

After a don't-be-cranky email from Kathleen and a bowl of popcorn, I discovered the solution: read the manual (for eWallet). Another way of the Universe telling you to slow down and be systematic. Then a glass of wine. Ahhhh. All my numbers on my iPhone (password protected) and on my desktop. I'm ready to go.

Lots to do today, but (so far, with coffee) I can zoom with zen, instead of inzanity.

Breath. Smile. Listen.


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