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Why are we obsessed with the "faith" of politicians? When did expression of "belief" become a stand-in for demonstrating ethics and integrity? When did we establish a religious means test for high office?

The question is this: Regardless of their private "faith journeys," how will an elected official give us the peace and prosperity to make this nation a great place for everyone to pursue their own private spiritual path?

I want the President to run the government. Competently and efficiently.

I want the President to carry out his oath of office -- to protect and defend the Constitution. Including the Bill of Rights.

Showing up at Church and spouting the Ten Commandments doesn't substitute for understanding basic economic and sociological principles around preserving the common good and creating a strong crime-free community, with good schools and a caring safety net for all.

Don't be praying when you should be thinking.

Related article this week in The New Yorker: "Party Faithful" by Peter J Boyer -- a disheartening account of the dark Rovian genius behind forcing politicians to chase "the religious vote."

Good organization: A couple years ago I joined the Interfaith Alliance. It promotes religious freedom, while trying to keep it separate from politics.


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