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Back from Vacation Energy

Hmm... September 11. Too bad the date has become the war cry of strutting plastic cowboys. Too bad, after 7 years, we can't be celebrating a new era of peace and prosperity. Instead, all we'll hear is sanctimonious hot air.

My nod to calamity dutifully made, I'm sitting here with all my To-Do Cards fanned out in front of me. A week away is great for feeling energized and ready to pounce on new projects.

Yesterday a couple of book trunks arrived from Baumans. Jim and I double-wrapped and double-checked the 21 books we're sending them. Now this morning FedEx will pick them up.

We retrieved Hermanita from her birdie boarding house. She's happy to be queen of the flock again.

While I pulled out a few more things for our Ebay store, I spent most of the day fiddling with reorganizing and reformating all my little radio productions. I wanted to make a CD for my Uncle Pat, who doesn't use the internet -- he might be one of the few people on the planet who would be intrigued by this type of creative work. (He expressed polite interest anyway.) I also needed to get them in a different format to upload them to the Public Radio Exchange -- a little more exposure.

After such an energized day, whew, I'm tired this morning.


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