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Summer ends. We didn't eat dinners out on the back deck every night as I planned -- I'll blame it on the mess made by the people re-siding the mansard roofs. Took us off our outdoorsy stride. Easier just to plop in front of the TV.

But I did manage a day of kayaking. And Jim and I went to a swell art show at Sonnenberg Gardens -- another mini-staycation.

And I checked off most of the items in my August Plan (written to stave off those ancient annual longings for September routines of school supplies and teaming back up with my school pals).

Got some meat on the bones of a vacation out West for the month of October.

Got some more Hollywood stuff posted in our store for fall sales.

Did two radio pieces. (I wanted to do 3 or 4... but I guess I wound up redesigning my website instead.)

Corrected some errors in the Dunne family history and family tree.

Plus, I got myself totally absorbed in gadgets and minor technologies. Okay to plunge into means and methods now and then. Part of "craft" I guess. Can't wish for an audience without coming up with some inventive ways of capturing them.

Now, I need to turn back to actually improving and deepening my artistic endeavors. Get some ideas percolating and projects done.


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